Friday, January 1, 2010

irish chain

This is one of last customer quilts I completed right before Christmas, I realy love how it came out.
I would love to make an Irish Chain for myself now, however, I need to make this year a year of finish up.
I had a nice visit with my sister this afternoon, and she told me finished should be my word for 2010, and by the looks of my sewing room I think she is right.


  1. Great quilting!!Yes me too on the finish it up...thank goodness most of mine are smaller items. My word this year is something every day!!
    You have a lovely family!!!

  2. Hi Judy
    you sent me an email about joining OPAM 2010 but you are set up as a no reply blogger...please could you send me your details as per my post and then I can sedt you some details for adding the badge...
    thanks a lot Peg Happy In quilting

  3. Hi Judy I do not want you to miss out so I have added you to the list...but I need your email address please...

  4. The quilting is just great. Love the way it turned out. Hugs Jofrid