Sunday, January 20, 2013

Oh baby it's cold outside, we'll it will be colder tonight and the rest of the week. What's a girl to do?
Got up this morning made a batch of chili for hubby and I to have for dinner while he watches the game, I will be working on an old UFO appliqué block maybe I will finally make some progress.
I made a cracked wheat bread to go with e chili and a bannana bread to have with our tea later. As for this morning I will be working on my own quilt which has been loaded on the frame and calling my name for a week. This is an old top I made may years ago, let me tell you my piecing skills have come a long way, I will do a panto in the center and maybe a separate border treatment will decide that when I am in front of the frame, this quilt will be used on our bed so no heirloom or fancy custom for this one. Hope you all have a great Sunday. And for my husband and sister and brother-inlaw.. GO PATS!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Cleaning Cleaning Cleaning

I am making an effort to post more this year, I won't stress about it but I will try to be more than a reader. I am cleaning an clearing out, my sewing room has become some cluttered I feel I cannot be creative unless I clear it out. I have filled four large trash bags and filled our recycle container to date and I am finally seeing the light and feel like sewing. Yesterday I loaded a customer quilt, I hope to do some work on that today while hubby is watching football. I also started recovering my couch cushions, we bought this beautiful sectional less than seven years ago and the threads are letting go every where, something needed to be done so I bought some fabric and will see how it goes, so far one cushion done but still needs a little tweaking, and 5 more to go will try and post some pictures later this week. What have you all been up to?