Saturday, December 18, 2010

Time for reflection

Time.,... Oh how I wish I had more, seems lately there is never enough time. Time to spend visiting friends and family, time to sew, time to work, clean, cook.
Today I will take time, I will prioritize, I will go to my sewing room and finish the last quilt for this year! :)
This afternoon I will decorate the last tree and finish putting up the last of the decorations, put a nice meal in the crock pot. Tonight I will begin celebrating the season for what it is. I will relax with hubby, watch a Christmas  movie, and wait for it......ahhhhh I will relax. I will not worry about what needs doing. I will enjoy the season for what it is Time... to spend with family & friends, time to relax and enjoy little girls and little boys smiles, time to enjoy the message of Christmas! Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas to all of you.

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  1. How cute that picture is!!! Isn't it fun finding the things needed for a wedding? I am savoring every minute being mother-of-the-bride. My daughter and her friends want me around and involved and I am cherishing all these moments. I bet you are, too! I am in charge of the candy bar, so am collecting pictures and candy and containers. Sooo much fun! All that is left on my daughter's wedding quilt gift is to hand stitch the binding... why am I procrastinating! :)